Suicide Prevention Week

Don’t give up!  

Magic Monday a Conversation on Suicide and Awareness

This is the 1st in a series of 4 videos that came about in the run up to this Suicide Prevention Week 2017   Don’t give up!

If there is one thing Mark and I could share from this video about suicide and there are many reasons people feel the need to choose suicide, it’s that there is always hope. Don’t ever give up!

Reaching out for help with suicide and depression when in crisis is not always easy, there are tools out there that can assist you when depression and hopelessness seem all that there is. This is a frank and honest conversation when all seemed lost for Mark and he no longer wanted to live he shares his inspiration for making a choice that would change his life.

Mark shares his experience of Fiona reaching out, the gift of Access Consciousness Bars®  how he felt after and how it changed his life.

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